June 27, 2016 admin

2016 Metsquerade Video

One nice thing about doing photos and videos is that we can offer our clients the total package. Back in April we shot the first ever Metsquerade charity gala. It is an event to raise awareness and funds for stage four breast cancer. When we first talked with them about covering the event, we only mentioned photos. In the end, I wanted to throw in something bonus so we ended up creating a 2016 Metsquerade video.

2016 Metsquerade Video

My goal was to create a short summary video that they could use to promote their event for next year. Photos are awesome, but there’s something about video that really gets people interested. I think they’ll be able to show this next year and the people that went will remember how much fun it is and the others that see it will want to be part of the excitement.

There were lots of good things for us to film. First of all, the decorations were just gorgeous. I loved how they transformed an ordinary room into something special and I loved the all the colors. The theme of the event was also something special. It was a masquerade, so many people wore masks. There were some really interesting ones out there. Probably the most exciting part of the nights was the auctions. They had so many silent auctions and then some extremely interesting live auctions. My favorite was for the puppy. It was so cute.

2016 Metsquerade Video founders in front of backdrop 2016 Metsquerade Video people dancing at party 2016 Metsquerade Video silent auction items 2016 Metsquerade Video decorations of ballroom

I hope this 2016 Metsquerade Video is helpful for the organization. After being at the event and listening to everything, I truly am a believer in the cause and want to help out. I hope they bring us back again next year.