April 12, 2018 admin

Photographer Promo Video

I was reading something on Facebook today, and they were discussing using some kind of promo video on a website. These were photographers talking, and the videos seemed to be a focus on who they are and possibly their style and personality. It seems like a good idea. Weddings are personal, so brides are going to want to see what you are like. The video can show off your personality and get people interested in more than just your work. With all of that said, I think I’m going to create a Photographer Promo video for myself in the near future.

The good thing about doing photography and videography is I can do either at any time. Occasionally I’ll need something photography related for films, and other times I’ll need video stuff for photography. Creating a photographer promo video should be relatively easy depending on how in depth I want it to be.

Photographer Promo Video

There are a few different ways I could go about it. Some promos I’ve seen are just showing the photographer working and interacting with couples. Others actually have the photographer address the camera and the couples. If I just do it with a quick video of myself talking, that’s easy. I can set up a camera and just hit record and start talking. I’ve made plenty of these videos for other things.


Doing the first option would be harder. It would be hard to control the camera and take photos at the same time, so I’d most likely have to hire someone to make that. I could just set a camera and aim it, but that might be too much work.

Photographer Promo Video

Brides will spend maybe 30 seconds to 2 minutes looking at a photographer’s website before deciding to message them or move on. They will look at a ton of websites and if yours doesn’t stick out, good luck talking to that bride. I will always focus on my photos and making those amazing, but I do think that my personality is part of what I have to offer. If I have a photographer promo video on my site, I think it will be something extra to really put me above others. I just started thinking about this today, but hopefully I can get something created in the next month or so. I’ll make sure to post it when it’s done.