June 10, 2016 admin

Adding Video to Photo Shoots

One thing that I think really makes us different from so many other people out there is that we can offer photography and videography to our clients. There are tons of photographers out there and a decent amount of videographers, but very few do both. This has worked out well for our wedding business. We probably shoot about 10 weddings a year where we are in charge of both photography and video. Today it hit me though; I should be adding video to photo shoots, not just weddings. It would something that could really boost my business.

Adding Video to Photo Shoots

These videos wouldn’t be the big production that a wedding video would be. It really can’t be. At weddings, we shoot for 4-8 hours, but a shoot would be more like an hour, so there wouldn’t be as much footage. I’m also thinking the final video would be much shorter, maybe 2 minutes instead of our 6 and 15 minute videos. It’s enough for them to remember and share their experience and not be overwhelmed by a long video.

I’m not positive yet on how I would pull this off. There are really two options: one, I shoot the photos and the video, and two, I bring along a videographer. Both really are options with positives and negatives to each side. If I shoot it myself, I won’t have to bring much more equipment, I won’t have to depend on a videographer being available, and I don’t have to pay anyone. The down side is that switching between photo and video might be a real hassle and cause both the photo and video to not be the best quality. If I hire a videographer, I can focus on the photo side and the video should be much nicer. The biggest issue I really see is having to pay a videographer. I’d either have to raises prices or just lose money.

Adding Video to Photo Shoots Senior by Waterfall

Adding Adding Video to Photo Shoots would have been nice for this senior shoot

Adding Video to Photo Shoots photographer and videographer waiting

My goal is to bring this into the senior market. I’m going to be the new guy, so I need something to really make me different and attract the seniors. Adding Video to Photo Shoots could be that thing that really makes me stick out. I’m probably going to have a shoot next week, so we’ll see how this goes.