May 26, 2016 admin

Our Arkansas Wedding Films Website

Well here it is, I’ve finally made a wedding film or wedding video website. We’ve been shooting video for around 3 years now, and it has grown quite a bit. I’d always just posted my videos to Vimeo and had a few on my wedding website, but I never really had a place just for our Arkansas weddings films. After messing around with this website for a month or so, I finally feel like it’s at a point where I can share online games it with the world.

Our Arkansas Wedding Films Website

Making this website was more of a challenge than I expected. First I found it hard to find a template made mainly for wedding films. There are plenty of sites out there for photography or blogs in general, but I could only find one template that really had what I wanted. I found it on It looked cool, but modifying the template to have my information and look the way I wanted to was a pain. I actually had to go in and even do some coding. I think I’ve got it figured out now and can change things if I need to.

On the site, I have several different sections. The most important ones to me were where I can show off films. I was able to make categories for each thing we shoot and each year. All I had to do to get the films up was put in a link and there it was. Easy. Another section that I think is important is the LoL FAQ section. This has good information for people so they can know about the business quickly. Of course, they can still use the contact page if their questions aren’t answered. The last section that really matters to me is this blog. I honestly am not sure how this is going to look, so I might have to make some adjustments. It is extremely important to me though to be able to blog about our experiences.

Honestly there are still some things that I need to change to make the site perfect. For one, the intro online gaming video on the front page is something  I just threw together quickly. There are a few other small things as well. Overall I’m really happy our Arkansas Wedding Films Website with what I’ve been able to accomplish with the time I’ve put into it and the money spent.