August 18, 2017 admin

Best Settings for the Sony A7sii

My journey to switch from Canon to Sony is well on its way. I’ve now sold off two of my four Canon bodies and I have a Sony A7s and a brand spanking new Sony A7sii. I’ve managed to figure out a lot of the buttons and settings, and I’m really liking everything about it. One of the main reasons I’m switching to Sony is the ability to edit the files; that was a major issue I had with Canon. There are settings available that make the files more flexible and usable. You can choose different color profiles, adjust sharpness, blacks, and a host of other things. I love the flexibility, but now I’m left wondering what are the best settings for the Sony A7sii?

Best Settings for the Sony A7sii

I’ve been reading blogs and watching videos for about two weeks now, and there isn’t really a consensus on the best settings for the Sony A7sii. I guess that makes sense, though, because people are always going to have different opinions. There are a few areas that seem to get brought up the most.

Best Color Profile

Honestly, I’m not sure exactly how to explain a color profile. It affects the way the video looks and controls how flat the image each, which then affects dynamic range. So far from my research, I’ve mainly heard about S-log 2 and Cine4. I did just have someone tell me they use Cine3, but that’s only one person. All I really know is that S-log 2 is supposed to have the widest dynamic range, but it does have some strange things. One, you have to shoot at ISO 3200 or higher. That’s pretty high, and it could make life difficult if you’re outside. Two, you are supposed to overexpose by 1.5 stops, which might make the ISO 3200 more doable, but it’s still weird to overexpose on purpose. I’ve heard that Cine4 still gives you a lot of range, but you don’t have to deal with those weird things.

Color Mode

Super, another setting that I don’t really understand. I guess I’ll have to go and figure out what these actually affect, but from what I’ve read, most people recommend the Pro setting. I think I saw one or two people recommend a S Gamut mode, but the Pro showed up more than anything.


In general with video, most people turn the sharpness down because it can be added back in later. That’s what I saw with the A7sii as well. Most people were turning the sharpness either all the way down or mostly down.

There were a few other things that people were tweaking, but what I mentioned is what I saw the most. I know this hasn’t been the most informal post, but I’m still learning and trying to figure out the Best Settings for the Sony A7sii. I will keep reading and start experimenting, and next time, I will hopefully have a better answer.