October 25, 2017 admin

Blake and Candice’s Wedding Ceremony Film

A few days ago I shared something a little different where we shot a wedding film, but I wasn’t actually there! Well, I’ve got another one today, but this one was different as well. We normally are at weddings 4-6 hours and we create films that summarize the entire day. With Blake and Candice’s wedding, we just focused on their wedding ceremony film.

Blake and Candice’s Wedding Ceremony Film

With these situations, you’d think it’s pretty easy, but actually, the ceremony is the most stressful part of our day. The ceremony is the part of the day that is really important, but we don’t have much control. We are limited by the venue as far as space goes, so sometimes we can barely fit, and in other times, we have plenty of space. Ceremonies involved a ton of equipment. We usually shoot with 4 cameras and two mics, so that’s a ton to set up. Then we have to worry about things happening like people standing in front of our cameras or batteries dying. Anyway, it’s a lot to deal with for 30 minutes.

Blake and Candice's Wedding Ceremony Film

Blake and Candice’s wedding ceremony was pretty easy. The ceremony was outside, so we had plenty of space. We were able to put our side cameras up without having to worry about being in someone’s space. The only thing we had to deal with at all was the changing light.

The ceremony only lasted about 14 minutes, and my crew was only there for maybe an hour, but we still had a good time. We got to meet some new people and see two people get married. That’s always a good thing. We only did Blake and Candice’s Wedding Ceremony Film but I still felt like we had an important part and I hope they loved the film.