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I Bought a Mavic Pro Drone!

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If you watch any movie, at some point you’re going to see a wide shot showing off the setting. Most movies do this multiple times. Now for the big budgets, they actually will use helicopters, but for wedding videographers, we use drones to get these amazing shots. About 10 years ago, these drones were basically non-existent or too expensive for most people to get. Now, though, there are tons of options, some as low as $500. Well, I went out and I Bought a Mavic Pro Drone and I’m really excited! 

I Bought a Mavic Pro Drone!

Now, if you’ve kept up with our work over the past year, you’d know that we have used a drone in several of our 2017 wedding videos. That is true. One of my videographers actually owns his own Phantom 4 drone, but he isn’t always available. This kind of kept us from being consistent. Some weddings we’d have the drone and others we wouldn’t. Now, we always have a drone!

Mavic Pro vs. Phantom 4

When I was looking for a drone, there were really two options I was looking at: the Mavic Pro and the Phantom 4. Now, the first issue I found is that the Phantom 4 is a bit older and they’ve now come out with upgraded models. I liked the price point on some of the older models, but it was hard finding brand new ones; it was mainly refurbished.

I bought a Mavic Pro Drone

The other big issue was the size. The Mavic Pro is a lot smaller than the Phantom 4. The Mavic folds up and fits into a little shoulder bag while the Phantom needs a giant box. I already have enough video equipment to lug around. I really didn’t need another giant piece of equipment.

The only thing that might be better in the Phantom 4 is the cameras. Some people claim it does better at 4k. I watched some examples from both and really didn’t notice any difference, so I doubt my clients will.

The future with my Mavic Pro

I’m really excited about 2018 and seeing what we can do now with a drone for our wedding films. It opens up a whole new world of creativity.

Before all of that, though, there are some things I have to take care of. One, I need to practice flying. Just like any piece of equipment, you have to get use to the controls. It’s even more important with a drone. It’s a flying hunk of metal. I also am going to work on getting certified, so I can be legit. I don’t want to take any chances.

I’m really glad I bought a Mavic Pro Drone! It will allows us to create more professional wedding films and possibly open up some other opportunities. Besides that, it’s just fun to fly!

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