Helping Wedding Photographers and Videographers Work Together

Helping Wedding Photographers and Videographers Work Together

I have an interesting perspective of weddings since I do both wedding photography and wedding films. I get to see both sides and all the things that go on. You'd think they were the same thing, but really, it's quite different. If you didn't get a chance to read it, check out some of the issues that videographers deal with. One of the really interesting things I've noticed is that it seems that videographers get really annoyed with photographers. I'm in a Facebook group for wedding videographers, and it's a constant photographer bashing in there. Now, I'm not saying they are wrong. There are plenty of things photographers do to make life difficult for a videographer. If you're planning on having both at your wedding, you need to make sure they can get along. Today I thought I'd share some Tips for Helping Wedding Photographers and Videographers Work Together. Continue reading "Helping Wedding Photographers and Videographers Work Together"

Videographers Need the Drone Pilot License

Videographers Need the Drone Pilot License

As some of you probably saw, I bought a Mavic Pro drone back around Christmas time. I've had a few chances to try it out, and it's a lot of fun and can create some amazing video. There are still plenty of things I need to figure out, and I definitely need to get better at my flying skills, but there's one thing that's more important than anything else: I need to get a license. Actually most videographers need the drone pilot license. Continue reading "Videographers Need the Drone Pilot License"

Should you have a DIY Wedding Video?

cell phone wedding video

Weddings are expensive. I know, trust me. We here it all the time about how much people are spending on these things, but we also know how important that day is. Now, there are plenty of things for your wedding that you can go cheap on or even DIY, but I don't think your wedding video is one of those. So if you're wondering if you should have a DIY wedding video, I say probably not.  Continue reading "Should you have a DIY Wedding Video?"

The Difficulties of Being a Wedding Videographer

audio for wedding video

If you were to Google wedding photographer, you'd find hundreds of photographers. It seems like there are new ones popping up every week. If you Google wedding videographer, though, you're only going to find a few in your area. For some reason, there aren't tons of wedding photographers but a very small amount of wedding videographers. After doing both for several years, I seen the difficulties of being a wedding videographer, and honestly, it's harder than being a photographer. Continue reading "The Difficulties of Being a Wedding Videographer"

How to Choose a Wedding Videographer

Danielle and Chad's Backyard Wedding Video

The wedding world is a popular place to be. There are so, so many wedding photographers out there. I know I run into a new one about every week. There aren't as many wedding videogaphers out there. I think that's probably because video is a bit harder to do and requires more equipment and editing skills. Even though there aren't a ton of us out there, finding the right videographer can be a challenge. Here's some tips on how to choose a wedding videographer. Continue reading "How to Choose a Wedding Videographer"

I Bought a Mavic Pro Drone!

I bought a Mavic Pro Drone

If you watch any movie, at some point you're going to see a wide shot showing off the setting. Most movies do this multiple times. Now for the big budgets, they actually will use helicopters, but for wedding videographers, we use drones to get these amazing shots. About 10 years ago, these drones were basically non-existent or too expensive for most people to get. Now, though, there are tons of options, some as low as $500. Well, I went out and I Bought a Mavic Pro Drone and I'm really excited!  Continue reading "I Bought a Mavic Pro Drone!"

Biggest Wedding Regrets

Biggest Wedding Regret

Weddings are supposed to be one of the happiest days in a person’s life, and for most, it is. Occasionally, though, I’ll hear stories about a bride not being happy. Maybe the cake wasn’t perfect or maybe the timing of the day was off. It could be a lot of different things. My goal is to always help make the day go as smoothly as possible and make everyone happy. I started wondering what the most common issue was. I decided to ask people what their biggest wedding regret was.

Biggest Wedding Regrets

I was kind of surprised how many people were willing to talk about this online. I had the question up for a few days and I think I got around 20 responses or more. The answers were pretty varied like I expected, but there was a reoccurring one that kept popping up.

Biggest Wedding Regret

By far, the biggest wedding regret was not getting a wedding video. Of course, as a wedding videographer, I already kind of expected this, but it was a good piece of information to have.

Since we do wedding photography as well, I’ve really gotten to see both sides of it. People are always going to hire a photographer, and they are willing to spend a good chunk of money on it. Videography, on the other hand, is usually a last minute decision, and the budgets are much, much lower.

It’s not until after the wedding that people realize what they missed. They missed the vows, the laughing, the speeches, all the things that photography can’t capture. These words are so important, and you will forget them if they aren’t recorded. I promise. I got married close to 12 years ago, and I can’t remember a single word spoken the entire day. The pastor was close to us, so I’m sure he said some special things. My brother gave a speech, but I have no idea what he said. I really missed out, and I don’t want others to miss out as well.

Gulley Park Wedding Film

If you’re thinking about skipping out on a wedding video, I’d suggest you at least take a look at some of the films we’ve created. If that doesn’t get you excited about having a wedding film, then you probably don’t want one. We’d love to talk to you more, so feel free to send us a message, and we’ll tell you more about what we do.