January 4, 2017 admin

Changes for Our Arkansas Wedding Films

Welcome to 2017! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for around 3 years now. I still remember when I got my first DSLR that did video and trying to figure out everything. We’ve made some big changes over the years, and we are still trying to improve. With that, we do have some changes for our Arkansas wedding films this coming year.

Changes for Our Arkansas Wedding Films

Our biggest changes for 2017 will be what we are offering our clients. In the past we offered 3 different videos: ceremony, movie trailer, and cinematic. I think all three are great options, but the movie trailer and the cinematic were pretty similar. With that, we are now simplifying things by only offering the cinematic and the ceremony videos in our packages. The second thing is how we are delivering our products. Before we were either giving people a DVD or sending them a file. Now most people have a Blu-Ray player, so we will be upgrading to Blu-Rays this year, which is great because it’s a higher quality video than DVD. Instead of sending files, we are now going to deliver custom USB drives to our clients.

Like always, I’m still wanting to improve our videos. One thing that I’d really like to do is create more motion in our videos. It just adds something interesting and special to the videos. There are two ways I plan on doing that: a slider and a glidecam. I’ve been using both of these last year, but not enough. I want this to be a regular thing. To do that, I’ll probably need to prepare more. It takes time to set up these shots, and to get that, I’ll need to communicate with the couple to make sure this happens.

I love shooting Arkansas wedding films. It’s such a nice thing to compliment my photography. I’ve looking forward to 2017, and I hope to be shooting a lot of video this year.