January 5, 2018 admin

Cypress Barn Wedding Video: Leana and Andrew

A few years ago we shot Anna’s wedding video at the Cypress Barn, but I wasn’t able to be there because I was photographing a wedding at another location. Well, for Leana and Andrew’s Cypress Barn wedding video, I finally got to visit this great location, and it was a wonderful day! 

Cypress Barn Wedding Video: Leana and Andrew

There were a lot of interesting things about this wedding from the start. First of all, Leana and Andrew were already married! They didn’t have a big to do for the real marriage, so this was their real way to celebrate. Two, they lived in California, so they travelled all the way for this big day!

Cypress Barn Wedding Video

The ceremony was really beautiful. They set up things outside, and it was a sunny day, so we had some really blue skies. Leana and Andrew also wrote their own vows, so that was a really emotional for both of them. Andrew claimed it was sweat, but I’m pretty sure there were a few tears.

The reception was when things really got going. The inside of the Cypress Barn is wide open, leaving space on the sides for seating and a giant area in the middle for dancing. There was a lot of dancing, some emotional and some crazy fun. That might have had something to do with all the jello shots being passed around. We also had some great speeches. The best man was even drinking a Capri Sun while doing it. Classic.

Those were all good and fun things about the reception, but there was one moment that dominated them all. At the end of the night, Leana and Andrew had a special dance to the song, Time of My Life. This was awesome by itself, but when it got to the very last part, one of Andrew’s friends stepped in, and they pulled off the lift from Dirty Dancing! It was awesome!

What a great first time at Cypress Barn. These two were great and it was such a fun experience. I loved making their Cypress Barn wedding video, and I hope you enjoy it as well!