September 30, 2017 admin

Danielle and Chad’s Backyard Wedding Video

There are a ton of churches and wedding venues all over Northwest Arkansas, and I do love going to them. Each one is unique and has pluses and minuses. Most of them I’ve shot at them more than once, so it’s not really a new experience anymore. Occasionally I get to shoot in a special location, one that I know I won’t be at again. That was the case with Danielle and Chad’s backyard wedding video.

Danielle and Chad’s Backyard Wedding Video

There were so many special things about this wedding! First, of course, it was at Danielle’s house. This meant they were getting ready in her old bathroom, the ceremony was in her driveway, and the reception in her backyard. I know for me my childhood home is very special to me, and every spot has memories, so I’m sure connecting her wedding to her home was special. Two, the wedding was on a Tuesday! I was still teaching at the time, so I got to take the day off to hang out with these two. It did kind of confuse me for the rest of the week, but it was worth it. Three, Danielle’s sister was the officiant at the ceremony. Normally the officiant has some connection to the couple, but I can’t imagine it being any more personal than a sister. Four, there was a surprise appearance by the family dog. This wasn’t just any dog, though. This dog actually helped save her father’s life in the past.

Danielle and Chad's Backyard Wedding Video

That’s a ton of special things, but the rest of the day was awesome as well. They had a tent set up in the backyard and people danced all night and had fun. Toward the end of the night, Danielle’s sister even sang a special song (she’s an opera singer)!

It’s been over two years, but I can still remember Danielle and Chad’s Backyard Wedding Video. I’ve run into them since then and I see their Facebook posts, and they are still in as much love as they were back then. It’s great to see that in a couple, and I know they have a great future ahead.