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Delivery Formats for Wedding Videos

Brides very rarely know what all goes into creating a wedding film, they only see the final product. For a few years I’ve really struggled with the delivery formats for wedding videos. There are a lot of options out there, each with benefits and issues.

Delivery Formats for Wedding Videos

I started off giving my clients DVDs, and I still do this on occasion. The quality is good, but it doesn’t use all the quality that my camera delivers. We shoot is 1080, but unknown to most people, DVDs are in 720. Five or six years ago DVDs were the main media for videos. Since then, technology has advanced. Blu-ray is now the media of choice. I don’t currently own a Blu-ray burner, but I have considered it. Most people now own Blu-ray players, so they would be able to view it. These Blu-rays offer a higher quality video. They are 1080 instead of the 720 of a DVD. I honestly don’t know if I will buy a Blu-ray burner at this point. Technology is advancing once again. There are now 4k cameras and 4k TVs, so Blu-ray might soon be a thing of the past.

There are other options besides Blu-ray and DVD. Digital delivery seems like a pretty good option. With digital files, you can deliver the largest file possible. You don’t have to adjust the file to fit on a Blu-ray or DVD. This means a 4k video stays a 4k video. Now, these files could be sent a few different ways. One easy way would be on a USB flash drive. These things are cheap and can hold a ton. I think a 32gb USB might be around $15. Another option that I might use to deliver them is Dropbox. I can put anything in Dropbox and send a link. The downfall to this is that you have wait on uploads and downloads. With big files, this could be 10 hours or so. Now the last option that I have been using with these others is a video service like Youtube or Vimeo. You can post these videos and multiple people can watch them about anywhere at anytime.

Delivery Formats for Wedding Videos First Dance

There are many Delivery Formats for Wedding Videos like DVD, Blu-ray, or digital files

Wedding season is going strong and I will be shooting several wedding videos in the next month, so this is something I will need to consider. There are a lot of Delivery Formats for Wedding Videos, and I’ve tried several of them. I guess the real question is what do my clients really want and what works best for me.