2015 Arkansas Wedding Films

I love looking back at our 2015 Arkansas Wedding Films! It hasn’t been that long, but it’s amazing how much I forget. That’s why I love photography and video; you can relive moments in life so easily. We had some great moments in 2015 including meeting people from another state, shooting the wedding of someone we knew from junior high, and making lots of new friends!

2015 Arkansas Wedding Films

This was a big year for us. I think we shot more wedding films this year than any other. We travelled to Eureka Springs twice, got to see some new venues, and work with some really amazing people.

If you want to know more about the shoot or all the awesome people in it, go to the blog link under each video.

Erich and Alexis might have had a small elopement wedding, but it was filled with love!

Tried out some new techniques in this Fayetteville Town Center wedding.

Personality and superheroes in one wedding! Check out Lauren and JT’s wedding at Matt Lane Farm!

Check out some guys I use to play football with back in the day in his Eureka Springs wedding Film. 

Our first trip to the Cypress Barn. Check out Anna and Beau’s wedding film!

A rare time where we only shot the ceremony. We still had a blast with Candice and Blake.

Love this Fayetteville Town Center wedding film with my cousin’s good friend and a former Fayetteville student.

A lovely family and a lovely Winter wedding film in Bella Vista!

Another great Matt Lane Farm Wedding video!

This was an interesting situation. Shot photo and video at the same time by myself, but happy I could create this ceremony film for them.

Another time we just did a ceremony video. We did it mainly for a live feed for the guests.