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Elizabeth and Graham’s wedding video at Central Methodist

Each wedding is special to me, but there’s just some weddings that are way above the rest, like my cousin’s wedding! I really do care about all of my couples, but I was so happy to get to work with Elizabeth. She’s the middle of my three cousins that I’ve grown up with and been around most of my life. Elizabeth and Graham’s wedding video at Central Methodist was a great experience, and I’d love to share it with you.

Elizabeth and Graham’s wedding video at Central Methodist

Both Elizabeth and Graham are pretty reserved. They aren’t shy by any means but they aren’t the extremely talkative and emotional type. I did get to see a new side of them, though, through the whole wedding. I could see how close they were and see the emotions between them even though they didn’t burst out into tears or anything like that. It was in their eyes and just the way they looked at each other.

The ceremony was Central Methodist in Fayetteville. It is such a beautiful church. The aisle is about 40 yards long (longest I’ve ever seen), the ceilings are extremely tall, and there’s really beautiful stained glass. It really is a lovely place, but there were some challenges with videoing the ceremony. The alter is raised up and hidden behind some walls. This made placing my side cameras pretty difficult. We ended up putting them up on the alter behind a pillar. This was really scary because we weren’t sure where the wedding party would be standing, and once things started, we couldn’t adjust them. Lucky for us, it worked well.

The reception was a blast. It was in the Chancellor Hotel in Fayetteville in their event rooms. The flowers were amazing, there were pies, and there was even a special choreographed dance for the couple. One big plus was that my family was there and my son was out there dancing and going crazy. It was a great atmosphere.

Elizabeth movie trailer from Bryan Striegler on Vimeo.

Elizabeth and Graham’s wedding video at Central Methodist will be one that I always remember. So far I’ve photographed and videoed two out of my three cousins. The youngest of the three is now a senior in college, so I’m just waiting. No pressure Ellen.