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Eureka Springs Elopement wedding: Alexis and Erich

I just shared Kevin and Suke’s Eureka Springs Wedding Film, so I thought I might as well continue the streak and share Alexis and Erich’s Eureka Springs Elopement wedding. 

Eureka Springs Elopement wedding: Alexis and Erich

I really love being in the wedding world. What other jobs let you meet random people from a different state and hang out with them? That’s basically what happened with Alexis and Erich. They decided to have an elopement wedding, and decided on Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs. Then, they found us through a Google search, and I’m so glad they did!

Like most elopements, there weren’t a ton of people there, but this was perfect for what they wanted. They wanted something small and personal. I think there might have been a total of 12 people there, but each person was super special.

Eureka Springs is a tourist town and has some cool features. Alexis rented out this little cottage, and that’s where we did all the getting ready shots. They had some really cool details. They had owls incorporated into a lot of their stuff. Later, I also saw this old watch that Erich had. From there, we went to the Crescent Hotel for a first look and some couple portraits.

Eureka Springs Elopement wedding

The ceremony at Thorncrown was next. Like I said, there weren’t a bunch of people here, but I could tell it was still a special moment for the two of them. We did some quick portraits outside. The night ended with a dinner at a local restaurant, and they were kind enough to invite us! It was special way to end the night, getting to hang out with them and see them all relaxing.

Alexis and Erich’s Eureka Springs Elopement wedding was different than most of my weddings, but I still loved being involved. It just goes to show that not all weddings have to be the same and follow a pattern. This was what they wanted to do and it was a perfect day!