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Eureka Springs Wedding Film: Kevin and Suke

Well, I finally finished all of the 2014 Wedding films and now I can move on to 2015. I thought I would start off these blogs with something a little special. The majority of our weddings are in Northwest Arkansas, but for this wedding, we got to travel to Eureka Springs! Not only that, I actually knew the groom pretty well. I played football with Kevin in junior high and high school! Check out their Eureka Springs Wedding Film!

Eureka Springs Wedding Film: Kevin and Suke

The day started off with a bang. The girls were getting ready in the famous Crescent Hotel! This is such a cool looking, old building, but it’s also supposed to be haunted. So cool!

Eureka Springs Wedding Film

After that, we met up with everyone else at another amazing location: the Thorncrown Chapel. It’s a beautiful glass chapel, nestled in the woods. It’s very similar to the Mildred B. Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista. The weather was perfect so that made the lighting inside and outside the chapel amazing for photos. Kevin and the guys wore these really nice tan suits, which was nice to see something different, and Suke wore a light, simple dress with a lace, cage veil. Everyone was looking stylish!

We went back to the Crescent Hotel and that’s where the real fun began. The reception room was so classy. It has dark stained wood, wood floors, chandeliers, and big windows. They also made their own centerpieces, which were so unique. They were a combo of different colored balls sticking in this green holder. It’s hard to explain, but they were interesting. Then, they had photos at each spot as well, which I always love.

This was a lively group. There was plenty of laughing, partying, and dancing. We had a great time watching it all, so I’m pretty sure they were having a blast.

Kevin and Suke’s Eureka Springs Wedding Film is a great reminder of a great day. I love watching it and remembering the fun we had. I hope they love it just as much!

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