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Fayetteville Town Center Wedding: Monica and Jonathan

Monica and Jonathan’s Fayetteville Town Center Wedding was a pretty special one! We got to work with some pretty cool vendors, tried out some new gear, and saw some really unique things. It was definitely one to remember.

Fayetteville Town Center Wedding: Monica and Jonathan

I initially met Monica at a bridal show, and she was pretty interested in using us for her wedding film. She also had some amazing luck because she won a drawing and was able to get our biggest package. I think we were about as excited as she was.

We’ve shot other Fayetteville Town Center Weddings, and it always amazes me how they can make that place look amazing. It’s really just a plain room, but it looked amazing for Monica’s ceremony and reception.

There were some really cool details and things I’ve never seen before. There were these trees everywhere with crystals hanging off of them. There were these bottles with candles and it looked like the bottles had been covered in wax. It’s kind of hard to explain, but they had a really cool texture. At each table there were little presents for the guests and there were more gifts on another table. The bags had the cutest bride and groom stick figures. Besides the decorations, Monica did something really special and cool at the reception. She had recorded a video of her seeing and playing a piano just for him. This wasn’t a home video either. It looked professional.

Fayetteville Town Center Wedding

The reception was a really big party with a lot of dancing, and we got some cool shots using our new piece of equipment, the Glidecam. We used it for some other walking shots earlier in the day, but I really love what I was able to get during the dances.

Monica and Jonathan’sFayetteville Town Center Wedding was a big one. There were a ton of people in the wedding party and a ton of guests. Monica wanted it to be a unique and special day, and she definitely pulled that off!