March 30, 2017 admin

Fayetteville wedding video at the Garden Room: Nick and Allison

I believe all artists really deep down want their work to be appreciated and loved by others. We all seek out confirmation and recognition. One of the biggest joys for me is when other artists compliment my work, and the biggest way to do that is to hire me for their wedding. I got that honor when Nick, a fellow videographer, hired us to capture his Fayetteville wedding video at the Garden Room.

I met Allison and Nick only in a brief meeting before the wedding, but I was able to tell how awesome they were. It became more obvious though during the wedding. These two were just the happiest, sweetest people I’ve met in a long time.

There were quite a few fun things that stuck out during the ceremony. I loved all of their decorations they had out in the foyer. There were pictures of them as kids, but there was some other really cool stuff like an old clock and phone and all these pictures of family members. The other giant thing that stuck out was that Nick had made a special video for Allison. It was a mixture of interviews and footage, and it was amazing. It was a very cool idea.

Nick's Fayetteville wedding video at the Garden Room First dance at the Garden Room

The reception took place at the Garden Room in Fayetteville, and it could only be described as a big party. There were so many people out on the dance floor, and they all seemed to know the dances. It wasn’t just for a song or two either; they were out there the whole night. At one point, Nick was even up on stage directing everyone, and then later he did some crowd surfing after the garter toss. Crazy, fun.

It’s always special when a fellow artists trusts you with his or her wedding. That means something. I know when my children get married I’m going to be very picky about the whole process, so I know how it is. Besides that, I was just glad to be around Nick and Allison. Their essence is beautiful, and so was their Fayetteville wedding video at the Garden Room.