September 22, 2016 admin

Fayetteville Wedding Video: Dorothy and Travis

Wow, this brings back memories. Unless I am mistaken, this was the first ever Fayetteville wedding video I made. I was really just a wedding photographer at the time, but I was toying around with the idea of doing video. A photographer friend had a couple that was interested and that’s how I got my first wedding video.

Fayetteville Wedding Video: Dorothy and Travis

The fun part of this story is that I actually knew the bride. I grew up going to the same church as her family and our families were pretty close. I didn’t really know Dorothy that well because she was a few years younger, but it was great seeing all of her family there.

Fayetteville Wedding Video: Dorothy and Travis Botanical Gardens

We all have to start somewhere and this wedding was definitely a starting point for me. I didn’t have much equipment or experience with doing any of this. I wouldn’t say I was winging it because I had done a bunch of research on everything, but this is for sure not how we do things these days. For what it was, I still think this video turned out great.

I sometimes wonder if I would have continued with video if my first experience had been a bad one. Lucky for me, I was surrounded by great people that day, and they made everything extremely easy and comfortable for me. I’m so glad they helped me our with my first Fayetteville wedding video. Video has become a second love of mine, and they really are to thank for that. Feel free to watch their wedding film, but please remember, this was my first attempt. Thanks!