September 4, 2017 admin

Our First A7sii Wedding Video- The Good and the Bad

What an exciting weekend! This was the kickoff to the second wedding season of the year where we will be shooting roughly 9 weddings in two months, and this was our first A7sii wedding video! Actually, we shot two different wedding videos, but still this was our first time really getting to try them out. I know these have been out for a long time and there are plenty of reviews, but I thought I’d share my initial feelings.

Our First A7sii Wedding Video

For the two weddings, the A7sii was our main camera, and we had two B roll cameras, a A7s and Canon 60D (our second A7s will be here this week). I already had a ton of Nikon and Canon glass, so we just used adapters on the Sony bodies. The majority of the time the A7sii was on a monopod, but I did use a tripod for some of it and I went handheld toward the end.

Overall, I have to say I’m impressed with the camera. The low light performance was great and the video in general looked good. Surprisingly, I adapted to the new button layout and workflow pretty quickly. I had a few times I accidentally didn’t hit record. That was partially because of the awkward placement of the record button and partially due to the fact that I was messing with the zoom button a lot as well. I was a bit worried about card space, but we shot on one 64gb card the whole day. We weren’t shooting 4k, but it was still a higher frame rate.

There were a few tiny issues we ran into. One, one of the adapters/lens combos was acting strange. Randomly the manual focus would stop working and the LCD would look fine until you hit record; then it would go dark. We could fix it by taking the lens off and putting it back on, but that’s annoying. I’ll have to mess around with it and see if this happens with both adapters and all lenses or if it was a fluke. Two, the battery life wasn’t great but it wasn’t as horrible as I expected. We had a total of 7 batteries, and I think we could have made it the whole day with those.

What really excites me is the editing possibilities. I haven’t gotten a chance to try it out, but this should open up a whole new world. Today I was editing one of our weddings shot on a Canon, and it was pretty rough. Changing exposure or white balance totally destroyed the shot. From what I hear, it should be a lot easier for me now. I’m also really looking forward to slow motion. We shot everything 60fps so we can basically turn anything into slow motion.

I’d say our first A7sii wedding video was a success, but we’ll have to wait and see what the footage looks like. I hope everything is in focus and is easy to color grade/correct. After I get this first one done, I’ll write another post with more details.