March 17, 2017 admin

Creating a Flash Photography Video Tutorial

Being able to shoot video has really opened up possibilities for us. Besides being able to create wedding videos, we also have been creating videos for high school seniors. That’s not it! We also are able to create educational videos for our photography business. Recently, I had a conversation with a photography equipment company, and we are going to be creating a Flash Photography Video Tutorial for them to use on their website.

Flash Photography Video Tutorial

One of the things I love about photography is being able to create something unique with flash. It’s one of the things I pride myself on. I’m pretty pumped that I get to share that information with other people. In this video, we will be focusing on using colored gels for flash photography, but I plan on creating some others in the future as well.

I think a video is essential for education. I’ve been writing tutorials on my photography blog for awhile, but not everyone can learn through reading. A video gives a better visual, so people can actually see what I’m doing and where things are. I know I always appreciate having a video to accompany a tutorial.

There might be a few issues that I’m going to run into. One, I’d like to shoot the video myself, but I can’t really be on both sides of the camera. That would leave me going back and forth to the camera, and hoping things are working out. I imagine I’m going to have to bring someone else along with me. Two, the lighting might be dark for video. I know one of the things I’m planning is in an alley at night. I guess we could bring video lights but that’s just another piece of equipment to mess with. I’d like to keep this production as small as possible.

Right now I’m in the planning stage of this Flash Photography Video Tutorial, but I’m getting close to being done with that. I’m hoping to have it all shot in the next few weeks and then edited. I’ll make sure I write a post about the whole experience and share the video when it’s all done.