March 16, 2018 admin

Free Wedding Planning Tips: The Dream Wedding Summit

Today I’m doing something interesting and a little different than the normal wedding films. Today I’m headed to Fort Smith to film several wedding vendors. I’m putting together an online webinar for brides to help them gain important information and make their planning go smoothly. Weddings can be confusing and stressful, so hopefully we will help out a lot of brides with these Free Wedding Planning Tips.

Free Wedding Planning Tips: The Dream Wedding Summit

The setup and the format is going to be pretty straight forward. There’s going to be two people talking: myself and the vendor. Each person will have a stationary camera and have a mic. The vendor will talk to the majority of the time, but I will do an introduction and ask questions.

Basically the vendors are giving helpful hints related to their expertise and things they have seen go wrong. We have a photographer/videographer (myself), a venue (The Barn by Two Brothers), a florist (Expressions Flowers), a rental company (Tables Matter), and a DJ (Black Crown Weddings and Events). I love that we have so many different people so we can give free wedding planning tips that cover a variety of topics. This way we can help in more aspects of the wedding than say if we just talked about photography and videography.


We’re shooting the majority of the videos today, but I’ll be shooting my own and the DJ’s video later. Then I’ll have to edit it all together and put together the site for all of it. I imagine we’ll be releasing it all within a month.

Free Wedding Planning Tips

If you’re planning a wedding or know someone that just got engaged, please share this information with them. These Free Wedding Planning Tips could really help them out and make their wedding awesome. The best part is that it’s all free, so they have nothing to lose. I’ll be posting more info about it when things are live, but I’ll also be adding a link back to this post, so make sure to check back or just reach out to me.