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Garden Room Wedding Film: Lori & Chap

Every year I get the pleasure of working with a bunch of amazing couples. Each one is special and I love meeting them, but there are some that are really special to me. These are the ones that I had connections with before and knew somehow outside of the wedding world. This was the case with Lori and Chap and their Garden Room wedding film

Garden Room Wedding Film: Lori & Chap

I met Lori back in 7th grade at Ramay Junior High. I believe it was the last day of school and we were all outside playing basketball. The first memory I have of her is she was asking about the weird metal thing I had in my mouth (something braces related) That was the first goofy thing she said to me. It was also the first time I saw her play basketball. Over the years I watched her play basketball, volleyball, and track and we had plenty of goofy memories.

Garden Room wedding film

Her goofiness is a great part of her personality, and there are several moments where this shows in her film. I think the vows really showed it off. She said she loved Chap more than “pizza, pancakes, and Jurassic Park combined.” How funny is that! Both of their personal vows were great. It really made the film what it is.

The goofiness continued throughout the night with dancing. The dance floor wasn’t filled the entire night, but when people got out there, it was entertaining. At one point we even had a karaoke version of Baby Got Back and then an original song written and performed by a few of the guests. It was hilarious but I can’t really share the content of the song for fear of damaging any children that might be reading this.

I’m so happy I was able to be part of Lori and Chap’s day and was able to create their Garden Room wedding film. It’s a perfect example of why people should write their own vows, but more importantly for me, it was a chance to see an old friend marry the love of her life.