November 2, 2017 admin

Hannah and Phillip’s Wedding Ceremony Film

The majority of the people that hire us for film are looking for a cinematic film, one that summarizes the entire day. Occasionally people will just be interested in the wedding ceremony film. This was the case with Hannah and Phillip.

Hannah and Phillip’s Wedding Ceremony Film

Normally when I’m hired to do photography, I bring a videographer to capture and set up everything. For Hannah and Phillip’s wedding, I had to travel, so bringing along a person to video just the ceremony didn’t make a lot of sense. Instead, I ended up setting up everything myself beforehand.

Hannah and Phillip's Wedding Ceremony Film

There were a few things that concerned me with this. All I could do was aim the cameras and hope for the best. Because I was doing photography, I couldn’t really focus on the video. To make sure we got as much as we could, I ended up setting up four cameras: two on the side, one in the back, and one that caught them coming down the aisle. I did a little adjusting once the ceremony started, but really that was it. I was extremely happy with how everything turned out.

This was a wonderful wedding to be part of. Hannah’s mom worked with me back at Oakdale, so I loved being able to have that connection. This was also Phillip’s dad’s church, so the whole thing was special. He even officiated the whole thing and got pretty emotional at times. That’s such a cool way to do a ceremony.

I’m so glad I was able to help out with Hannah and Philip’s ceremony. The rest of the day was awesome as well, and I wish we could have captured more of it on video. We have all of the photos of course, but there’s still something special about having things on video. Either way, these guys rocked, and they created some real special memories for themselves and for me.