September 28, 2017 admin

Harrison, AR Wedding Video: Julie and Aaron

Oh man, there were so many special things about Julie and Aaron’s Harrison, AR Wedding Video! First, if you can’t tell, we travelled. All three of us packed up and drove to Harrison. We don’t travel a ton, so it’s always fun to go on an adventure. It was also my wife’s birthday. Yes, I got permission before booking them first. The best part was just Julie and Aaron. They are such kind and classy people!

Harrison, AR Wedding Video: Julie and Aaron

Everything happened in one small area, so we really didn’t explore Harrison. The chapel (Mary Mother of God Catholic Church) and the reception site were right beside each other, so that made things pretty easy. The ceremony was Catholic, so we had to put a few cameras and leave them. The church was really nice and let us move around and check things. Some churches don’t allow that.

Harrison, AR Wedding Video

The reception was just wonderful! The room wasn’t anything extremely special, but Julie managed to make it look great. I’m not a flower expert, but she had these giant arrangements, and they just amazed me! The coolest thing is that had a live jazz band. That’s so unique! Of course that meant there was some great dancing as well!

Normally weddings that are in churches aren’t that exciting, but we really had a good time making their Harrison, AR Wedding Video. This was one of our first traveling weddings, and it was such a great experience. We hope to do many more of these in the future and even travel further!