November 17, 2017 admin

Hazel Valley Ranch Wedding Film: Emily and Aidin

One great thing about offering photography and videography is that we can meet and help more couples. That was the case when we created Emily and Aidin’s Hazel Valley Ranch Wedding Film. I was already booked to photograph Diego and Melanie’s wedding, but we were still able to create a film for Emily and Aidin. We got to be at two amazing weddings at once!

Hazel Valley Ranch Wedding Film: Emily and Aidin

Emily and Aidin’s wedding day was amazing! It was a beautiful day at Hazel Valley Ranch, and the majority of their day took place outside. The ceremony was out in a field and the reception was on the outdoor patio.

Emily and Aidin wrote their own vows, which I just love. It always makes things so much more personal. It makes my job so much easier as an editor. Sometimes I don’t have enough audio, but that wasn’t the case here.

We had some great events to sprinkle in throughout the film as well. Emily and Aidin did a first look, there were some crazy dance entrances, some emotional dancing, and then something really special. At the end of the first dance, all of Aidin’s guys ran out and lined up, snapped a bottle, and Aidin kicked it like an extra point. He use to be a kicker back in college!

Hazel Valley Ranch Wedding Film

We had a ton of speeches! I want to say we had about an hours worth of speeches that night between all of the guys and girls and the fathers. We couldn’t fill it all into the film, but we found the best spots.

That wasn’t the end of the craziness. Near the end of our time there, Aidin’s father got down and proposed to his girlfriend. We had no idea it was coming, but we still managed to catch it.

Emily and Aidin’s Hazel Valley Ranch Wedding Film had some great parts. I really wish I could have been there to be part of it, but I’m still glad I got to live it through all of the video.