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Heather’s Wedding Film at Creekwood Gardens

Heather is amazing. That’s about as close as I can come to describing her. I met her several years back when I was shooting her friend’s wedding. She told us that day that we’d be shooting her wedding. I’m so glad I did. Heather’s Wedding Film at Creekwood Gardens is one of my favorites, and she has done so much for me since. It seems like every few months I’m shooting for someone she knows. She has been such a big help!

Heather’s Wedding Film at Creekwood Gardens

The day started out with one of my favorite things, a first look. We had just set up facing the creek and Heather came out and snuck up on him. After that, we spent the next hour of so doing portraits. This was fun because it was my first interaction with the groomsmen. Josh is a bit goofy, and his friends are exactly the same. They would end up being the stars of the show that day.

wedding film at Creekwood Gardens

The ceremony took place on the front lawn by a big tree and by the arbor. It was a hot day. I remember just sweeting constantly, but it was well worth it. It was awesome seeing Heather walk down the aisle and seeing the whole ceremony.

After the ceremony is when things really got going. Heather’s crew knows how to have a good time. There was plenty of partying and dancing the whole night. I was never bored. One really cool thing was that Heather had an ice cream truck show up. That was a first for me. They ended the night in fashion with a glow stick exit and a lantern release.

Since Heather’s Wedding Film at Creekwood Gardens, I have been involved in at least two other weddings that she was connected to and I have another coming up in May. She is an amazing person, and I’m so glad I met her.

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