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Helping Wedding Photographers and Videographers Work Together

I have an interesting perspective of weddings since I do both wedding photography and wedding films. I get to see both sides and all the things that go on. You’d think they were the same thing, but really, it’s quite different. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, check out some of the issues that videographers deal with. One of the really interesting things I’ve noticed is that it seems that videographers get really annoyed with photographers. I’m in a Facebook group for wedding videographers, and it’s a constant photographer bashing in there. Now, I’m not saying they are wrong. There are plenty of things photographers do to make life difficult for a videographer. If you’re planning on having both at your wedding, you need to make sure they can get along. Today I thought I’d share some Tips for Helping Wedding Photographers and Videographers Work Together.

Helping Wedding Photographers and Videographers Work Together

The biggest issue between wedding photographer and wedding videographers is getting in each other’s shots. This is a tough one. Both people have been hired to create something, and with weddings, things are fast and furious. You never know what’s about to happen and you have to be ready to move and react. Sometimes this means we bump into each other or accidentally step in front of the other person.

Helping Wedding Photographers and Videographers Work Together

One thing that gets brought up again and again in the wedding videographer forum is the ceremony. Photographers tend to stand in front of cameras or in the middle of the aisle during the important events. This keeps the videographer from using that angle and can be really annoying during editing.

Communication is Key

The best way I have found to fix things is with communication. Talk to each other and get an understanding of what the other person needs. Ask the photographer to not stand in front of the cameras or in the center aisle or at least use a long lens. Photographers basically run the show, but they need to give the videographer a chance.Take turns getting a shot or talk about your ideas. When you are open and talking, it makes it seem like you’re on the same team, and then you will both want to help out the other person instead of being competition.

If you’re the bride, make sure you connect the photographer and videographer way before the wedding. Make sure they know each other and start talking and planning.

This has worked really well for me. Simply by creating a line of communication and a general good feel between professionals, most of the issues disappear. I help them and they help me. I try to avoid getting in their shots and they try to help me out. I remember recently when I was the photographer, I talked to the videographer right before the exit. He wanted to walk backwards and track the couple. We talked about things and I just walked along with them. We were both able to get what we wanted.

What’s really been nice for us and our wedding films is most of our weddings are shot as a team: we do photography and videography together. This means we all really are on the same team and everyone works together to create something beautiful. Not everyone has this luxury, though. Most people are either wedding photographers or wedding videographers. Either way, feel free to share these tips on Helping Wedding Photographers and Videographers Work Together your people to make sure they focus on what really matters: capturing your wedding.