October 30, 2017 admin

Jill and Kent’s Matt Lane Farm Wedding Video

It always amazes me all the connections I find at weddings. It’s very rare that there’s not someone I know or some thing we have in common. It always makes things more interesting. With Jill and Kent’s Matt Lane Farm Wedding Video, I ended up knowing Jill’s brother from school. Crazy! That made the wedding special, but it would have been awesome either way.

Jill and Kent’s Matt Lane Farm Wedding Video

For Jill and Kent’s wedding, we got there a few minutes before the ceremony. Sometimes we show up much earlier and spend a lot of time on the getting ready, but Jill wanted us there more for the reception, which made sense. The reception was when things really got going. There were several speeches, each one filled with funny stories and emotion. Then, everyone started dancing.

Matt Lane Farm Wedding Video

As with every wedding, there were a few things that stuck out to me. One, everyone was in such a good mood. Sometimes people are stressed or even a bit crazy. Everyone just seemed to be calm and just enjoying life. Two, they had a cool cake/cupcake combo. I love cake, but I’m also a fan of cupcakes because of all the combo. I think it’s a nice idea to have both options out there for people. Three, the dancing was amazing. The dance floor was full and people were really getting into it. At one point, a large group of people were holding hands in a circle and coming in and out and just laughing.

I can’t believe it’s been over two years since Jill and Kent’s Matt Lane Farm Wedding Video. I shot this one all by myself, so it really was a special one for me, and I really enjoyed being part of it, and seeing someone from school. It was a great day!