January 30, 2017 admin

Josh and Misha’s Garden Room Wedding Video

We’ve been shooting wedding videos for about 3 years now, and we have shot at several different locations in Northwest Arkansas. Just like with photography, different venues affect the way we shoot. Video is probably affected more by the venue than photography is. For Josh and Misha’s Garden Room wedding video, this was our first time shooting video at that venue, so we had to figure things out.

Josh and Misha’s Garden Room Wedding Video

For the majority of the day, shooting a wedding video isn’t that difficult. We mainly use a camera on a monopod and just move around. It’s good to know the location and the lighting, but that part of the day isn’t really that hard. The real struggle comes in during the ceremony. The ceremony is the more involved situation.

The big issue is finding places to put all of our cameras. During the ceremony we like to have at least 3 cameras go, preferably 4. We like to have to side angle cameras and one shooting down the middle. The side angle ones are usually the ones we have issues with. Some venues have a ton of space on the side, so it’s easy to park two cameras, but some are really tight. The Garden Room’s outside space isn’t really symmetrical, so we had to come up with a unique solution. On the left side, the seats went all the way up to the wall. We ended up just moving a chair and plopping our camera down in about the 3rd row. On the right side, you have a little water area and then another spot. We placed our other camera over on the side. The down the middle camera was pretty easy because there’s a raised porch like area at the back where the DJ was.

Misha Cinematic from Bryan Striegler on Vimeo.

I love shooting at different venues and figuring things out. Next time we shoot at the Garden Room we’ll already have an idea of what to do. There are some other ways we could have shot Josh and Misha’s Garden Room Wedding Video, but most likely, we’ll stay with the same set up. Make sure to check out the film.