January 12, 2017 admin

Lauren’s Wedding Film at St. Anthony’s on the Creek

Being involved in weddings is a big deal. You are there on an extremely special day, and people are expecting you to do certain things. I’ve always taken weddings very seriously, and I there’s even an extra level of pressure when the bride and groom are someone you know. Lauren Floyd and her family are friends with my parents, so I was thrilled to create their wedding film at St. Anthony’s on the creek.

Lauren’s Wedding Film at St. Anthony’s on the Creek

We shot photos and videos for Lauren, so it was quite the crowd. There were two photographers, one videographer, and all of our equipment. I think we might have taken up an entire row by ourselves. The biggest challenge we ran into was the ceremony, which is normal because it requires the most gear. The chapel at St. Anthony’s is beautiful but not very wide. This can make placing side cameras a bit of a struggle. Luckily, there’s a small gap near the wall on the front pews where we could fit a tripod.

emotional wedding photo at St. Anthony's at Bell Gable

This was quite the day. There were lots of emotions, a surprise dance, and some funny speeches. The groom, Chris, was especially emotional as Lauren walked down the aisle. I was able to capture some really great shots of him over the father’s shoulder. The father/daughter dance was also great. In the middle of the dance, the music changed to something new and upbeat and the father of the bride started breaking out his best dance move. One other thing that stuck out was a speech made by the mother of the groom. The room was divided into University of Arkansas and Ole Miss fans with the mother and groom falling on the Ole Miss side. The mother started talking about how she always dreamed about the girl for her son… then she ended it by saying, but I never thought he’d marry a hog. If you don’t get it, you’re not from Arkansas.

father dancing at St. Anthony's wedding film at St. Anthony's on the Creek

The day was special for a lot of reasons, but one big one is that we were connected to this family. My mom was actually at the ceremony and this was the first time she has ever seen me work. I’m glad I was part of Lauren’s Wedding Film at St. Anthony’s on the Creek. There was some pressure there, but it was all worth it.