August 7, 2017 admin

Which Lens to Buy for the Sony A7s?

When it comes to making decisions, sometimes it takes me forever. I tend to think about every possible angle and option, and it can be pretty frustrating and overwhelming. As I mentioned, I’m switching from Canon to Sony, and I’m still trying to figure out all the details. I did just buy a used Sony A7s, and it came with a Canon 24-105mm f4 and a Canon adapter. I like that I got a lens with it, but now I’m still stuck deciding which lens to buy for the Sony A7s.

Which Lens to Buy for the Sony A7s?

If money wasn’t an issue, making all of these decisions would be a breeze. I’d just buy a bunch of different lenses and then I’d be good. I’m trying my best, though, to minimize the cost. Right now I only have the one Sony A7s, so this will be my main camera. That means I need a lens that can cover walking around and a variety of situations, and it needs to be high quality because the majority of the film will come from this body. I also just bought another stabilizer, so I’m trying to find a lens that could possibly work with that and be my main lens.


My options

After thinking about it for awhile, these are the main options I’ve come up with.

A. Stabilizer-Canon 40mm pancake lens

Walk Around- 24-105

This is my cheapest option because it’s free. I already own both lenses and an adapter, so I can try this one out without having to spend any money. The issues I see are one, the 40mm isn’t a great lens and is hard to focus, and two, the 24-105 only goes down to f4. If I can get away with it, this would be a nice, cheap way to do things.

B. Stabilizer- Sony 28mm F2

Walk Around 24-105mm

This is the same setup except I’m buying the Sony 28mm and not using the cheaper lens. I think I like the focal length a little better for the stabilizer, and I’m sure the glass is much nicer as well.

C. Stabilizer- Zeiss 55

Walk Around- Same

I’ve heard some really nice things about the Zeiss 55. Most people tend to like that focal distance, but I’ve never tried it with video. I think the quality would be there, but I’m not sure if it’s wide enough for a stabilizer. The other issue is that the lens costs around $700 used, but I could sell the Canon 24-105 to make up for part of that.

I should be getting my Sony A7s and the Canon lens here in a few days. At that point, I’ll be able to start figuring out Which Lens to Buy for the Sony A7s. I’ll start with option A and see how I feel about that. If I don’t like it, I’ll go either to B or C depending on what the issue was. This is a tough decision, but I do love that I’m moving to Sony and going to start raising the quality of the videos up. Keep a look out for an update soon!