June 17, 2016 admin

What Lenses to use for Wedding Films

Lens choice is one of those things that is highly debated in film just like it is in photography. Some people swear by one lens while others swear by another. Today we’ll talk about what Lenses to use for Wedding Films.

What Lenses to use for Wedding Films

There are really two different things that people have to decide about when choosing lenses for film. The first is whether they want to use a zoom lens or a prime lens. The second is what focal lengths they want to use. I honestly don’t have a right or wrong answer but let’s look at each side of the debate.

Honestly, I think most videographers, at least in the wedding world, use prime lenses. Prime lenses tend to be sharper, which is good because if you’re using a DSLR there isn’t much room for editing. It’s better to get it right in camera. Primes are also much lighter, which is important in video because you are having to make sure the camera is stable so your footage won’t be shaking. On the other hand, zooms are nice because you can easily shoot tight and then zoom out to get a wide shot. With a prime, you’d have to run backwards. With either type of lens, make sure you have a good ring for the manual focus because with most DSLRs there is no auto focus, or at least not a good one.

Now, whether you use a prime or zoom, you will still have to figure out what focal length you want to work with. There are some zooms that go on from super wide to tight but these aren’t the best quality lenses. There are wide lenses, normal lenses, and telephoto. For primes, that would be like a 24mm, a 50mm, and 85mm or longer. For zooms that would be a 14-24mm, a 24-70mm, a 70-200mm. I tend to stick for the normal lenses. I’ve found that going too wide or too zoomed in is difficult for weddings. A normal lens tends to work pretty well for most situations.

Most people that shoot wedding films would choose a 50mm if they had to pick one lens. Now like with most artists, everyone has their own style. People have their own way of shooting and with this comes different lenses. What Lenses to use for Wedding Films really will depend on the person and the situation. I’d suggest trying out a few different ones and seeing which works best for you.