August 9, 2017 admin

Is Live Streaming Right for You?

It blows my mind how technology has changed in the past 5-10 years. Memory cards have increased dramatically, phones now shoot photo and video better than some cameras, and we can stream live video whenever we want. The live streaming is the newest thing in the technology world. Facebook and Instagram have made it where anyone with a cell phone can start streaming out to the world. The real question, though, is live streaming right for you and how could you use it?

Is Live Streaming Right for You?

People with good business sense amaze me. They always find ways to reach new customers and to sell to them. I wish I had that kind of training and insight. The Live Streaming is the new way to reach customers. I’ve seen so many different businesses using Facebook Live to reach their customers. I’ve seen big businesses, photographers, trainers, Plexus people, and makeup people do these pretty frequently. This is so smart. It’s basically a free way to advertise to a giant market and be able to communicate with them live. So, if you have something to sell, I’d suggest you start doing some live streaming.

I’ve also seen people just use it for random events. This might be cool to stream a wedding to people that aren’t there, but I don’t really see a point in live streaming your everyday life. If there’s no point in it being live, you’re better off just recording the video, and then later you can decide if you want to post it.

How Could You Use Live Streaming

There are lots of ways you could live streaming. One, you could be giving out information. This is usually a good way to attract people and gain a following. In general, it’s a good idea to help people before you do the next option. Two, you could actually sell a product during the event. You could show off what it does and talk about it, and then at the end, you could offer a deal. Three, you can show off what you do. This is what I need to be doing. I go out to shoots and cool weddings, but I always forget to do live streaming. If you’re a singer, you could do a short performance.

Is Live Streaming right for you? I honestly don’t know. If you are interested in reaching a bunch of people and you have something of worth, then yes, you should start live streaming. If you are just trying to get attention, then I’d say go do something else. Either way, live streaming is the new big thing, and I don’t see it going away.