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Magnolia Garden’s Wedding Film: Rachel and Austin

I love, love, love it when couples bring their personality into their weddings. I’ve seen a lot of people support their football teams with groom’s cakes or brides having decorations that fit who they are. Well, Rachel and Austin took it to a whole new level. Their personality was everywhere in their Magnolia Garden’s Wedding Film! 

Magnolia Garden’s Wedding Film: Rachel and Austin

Rachel and Austin are self-proclaimed nerds. They love everything nerdy from superheroes, to Star Wars, to Lord of the Rings. They brought all of that to the wedding. First, Austin and all the guys were sporting superhero shirts under their tuxes. We did a fun photo with them all ripping open their shorts. The superheroes also made an appearance on Austin’s cake. He had several figures sitting on top. The vows were awesome. They made sure to put all types of references in there. Then, for their first dance, Rachel and Austin choreographed a light saber fight. How cool is that! Besides that, Rachel really likes rocks. I mean really likes them…like enough to study them, so she did something awesome. She made gifts out of all these different types of rocks. What a special way to remember her wedding!

spelling love with sparklers

Now, even though there were all of these crazy things going on, Rachel still had a beautiful day. Her dress was gorgeous and I loved all of the other decorations as well. She made sure she had a good mix of it all.

Magnolia Garden's Wedding Film

I love that Rachel and Austin know who they are and that they showed that off during their wedding. It makes the whole thing so much more personal and special. There’s no reason to have your wedding be like everyone else’s. They did a great job and I will always remember their Magnolia Garden’s Wedding Film.