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Magnolia Gardens Wedding Video: Alex and Misty

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There are always challenges when dealing with a wedding video. Sometimes you have to deal with bad lighting or a small venue. Other times you have really bad speeches or whatever. We didn’t have to deal with any of those problems with Alex and Misty’s Magnolia Gardens Wedding video. Our biggest concern was the weather! 

Magnolia Gardens Wedding Video: Alex and Misty

Outside ceremonies can help make some really beautiful wedding films. You usually have a ton of space, so putting cameras where you want isn’t an issue. You don’t have to worry about it being dark. The one issue you really have to worry about is the weather.

Magnolia Gardens Wedding Video

Alex and Misty really wanted to have an outdoor ceremony at Magnolia Gardens, but it was cold! To make matters worse, there was a chance for rain. We could have moved things inside, but we really wanted to wait and see what would happen. Turns out we made a good call. It was still cold and there was a little bit of misting, but we were still able to do the whole ceremony outside.

The rest of the day went just as well. Alex and Misty are laid back and people centered. The reception was a fun time of people interacting and laughing. There was some fun dancing and a shoe game as well, but the majority of the time was spent enjoying each other.

Every wedding there will be something that goes wrong or gets in the way. From my experience, things always work out, and you can’t sweat the small thing. Alex and Misty didn’t freak out when the weather wasn’t perfect. They knew that in the end they would be married and that’s all that mattered. Watch their Magnolia Gardens wedding video, and all you’ll see are smiles!