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Megan and Aaron’s Wedding Film at Stables on the Hill

It’s such a small world! The more weddings I do the more I realize how true that is. I’m constantly seeing people I know or finding I have connections to my couples. It’s very rare that I don’t have something in common with them. Megan and Aaron’s Wedding Film at Stables on the Hill wasn’t any different. I actual found the connection before the wedding. We went in to have our second child, and after some time, I realized that Megan was one of the nurses! How crazy is that! That first connection made her wedding even more personal!

Megan and Aaron’s Wedding Film at Stables on the Hill

The Stables on the Hill is a lovely rustic wedding venue, and it fit perfectly with Megan and Aaron’s theme. There were bright blue skies, lots of fields, and the horses even came to see us a few times.

Wedding Film at Stables on the Hill

The ceremony was outside right in front of the stables. They had this burlap covered structure as a backdrop, and it was a nice touch. They also did a tree planting ceremony, which I’ve only seen a few times. It’s such an interesting idea because that tree will be around for years and years, and it will always be connected to their wedding day.

The reception was inside the stables, so we didn’t have to go very far. We did some portraits while everything got in place. Then, there were some emotional dances, a really great speech from her sister, and some really cool details. Megan had her cake, but she also had cupcakes underneath. Then, Aaron’s cake was more of a country style with horns on it. They also had mason jars for everyone, but they had a special twist: each one had a spot to write a name. I thought that was a neat idea. They ended the night with an exit to everyone ringing bells, which is very different than the normal sparkler exit.

Megan and Aaron’s Wedding Film at Stables on the Hill was beautiful and I loved being a part of it after she was a part of my big day (daughter’s birth). I thought her film turned out awesome, and I guess she did as well because we eventually filmed her sister’s wedding as well! Love those connections!

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