November 8, 2016 admin

Mount Sequoyah Wedding Film: Molly and Scott

I love going back and looking at all the wedding films I’ve made over the years. We’ve been doing wedding films for over three years now. When I first started off, I looked for any chance to be involved with a wedding. I was so excited to be able to help out Molly and Scott with their Mount Sequoyah wedding film.

Mount Sequoyah Wedding Film: Molly and Scott

Mount Sequoyah is located at the top of Fayetteville and it’s a retreat center. It has a lovely outside seated area for ceremony, and lucky for us, it was a beautiful day. There are trees over the seated area, so the light filters through the trees instead of being really harsh.

I still remember how fun this group was. There were a lot of people in the bridal party and they were all very energetic. After the ceremony, we spent a lot of time with photographer as they did group photos. It was fun seeing it all and capturing the interactions.

The reception was at the Garden Room off of Dickson Street. I only stayed around for the first dance, and it was beautiful. Thinking back on it, I wish I would have stayed around to capture more of the night. I’m sure things were just as amazing as the rest of the day.

mount sequoyah wedding film by the cross

I’m still managing to get caught up blogging about all the past wedding films we’ve created. This website is only a few months old, so it’s kind of hard to cover three years of videos in a short amount of time. I did enjoy going back and looking at Molly and Scott’s Mount Sequoyah Wedding Film, so maybe I’ll be motivated to blog more often in the future.