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Mount Sequoyah wedding video: Reagan and Andy

Reagan and Andy are loved by so many people and really like to have a good time. This was probably the biggest party of 2017. I know for sure it was the largest wedding party. I believe there were 9 or 10 on each side! Then you had all the ushers as well. It was sure crowded with all the guys inside their cabin at Mount Sequoyah. Anyway, it was a real pleasure getting to be around these two and helping create their Mount Sequoyah wedding video.

Mount Sequoyah wedding video: Reagan and Andy

I had already worked with Reagan and Andy during their engagement session and her bridal session, so I knew how much fun they were. When I first walked up to the guys’ cabin, I was greeted by a few half naked guys and I was instantly welcomed. That’s just the type of people they all are. Just fun, happy, nice people.

At first, all the action was in the two cabins. The girls were in one getting ready and the guys were over in the other doing things that can’t be mentioned (imagine what you want). We bounced back and forth getting some of the action.

We then had a first look for the couple at the front of the ceremony site. Reagan was her normal goofy self, but there was some emotion in there for the both of them. We knocked out some portraits with them, and then we got ready for the ceremony.

Mount Sequoyah was perfect for the ceremony. There was lots of space for cameras and the lighting was nice. It made our job that much easier. The only tricking thing was Reagan’s entrance. Because it is outside, it’s hard to hide the bride. To fix that, they put up a set of doors. Reagan snuck behind that, and then they were pulled open when it was time.

Reagan and Andy Mount Sequoyah wedding video

After the ceremony is when things really got started. Everyone was just so excited and pumped. All the wedding party jumped on a party bus and headed over to Mermaid’s. The place was packed and so lively. Everyone was up and moving around and talking and dancing. There was just so much going on. I’m trying to think of my favorite part, but that’s a tough one. I’d probably have to give it to the best man and his very entertaining speech. After that, I’d say the dancing. I haven’t seen a dance floor that full in a long time.

Reagan and Andy’s wedding was a wonderful one, full of so much energy and love. Check out their Mount Sequoyah wedding video to see what I’m talking about!