August 2, 2017 admin

New Source for Video Music: FyrFly

Music has such a big role in video. The music sets the tone for the whole thing. It can make you feel happy, sad, goofy, or a multitude of other emotions. As a videographer, I’ve experienced this first hand. While editing, I will often try out different songs, and I get a totally different feel from each one. With all that said, it has been difficult in the past finding the right songs for my wedding videos. I started off looking for free ones, but the majority of them weren’t very good. Then, I found some sites where you can pay for each song. These had good quality music, but I found that the prices were a little steep. I was spending about $10-20 per song, and I usually used about three songs per video. That’s not a ton of money, but it can add up over time. Well, one of the sites I’ve been using, SongFreedom, has now created a New Source for video music that I’m pretty pumped about, FyrFly.

New Source for Video Music: FyrFly

I honestly don’t remember how I first heard about FyrFly. It could have been an email or a post on social media, but I was initially interested. I tend to be skeptical about most services because I’m always having people trying to sell me stuff, and I’ve bought some worthless things in the past. I read everything about the program, and I emailed with some questions. I loved what I heard.

New Source for Video Music


So, there are really three things I saw beneficial about FyrFly’s subscription. First, of course, was the music. With the subscription I would have access to the majority of SongFreedom’s library. I could use as many of the songs as I wanted without any kind of limit. There are some premium songs, which are basically the ones that are mainstream, popular songs that I would still have to pay for, but they are reduced to $10 from the normal $50-60. Second, they have a slideshow creator. Honestly,  I haven’t used slideshows in the past, but I have been pretty interested in using them for presentations. I had looked at Animoto, but it was expensive. Third, they allow you to store your videos on their site. Right now I’m using Vimeo, and I haven’t really had any issue with it, but it is another fee that I pay every year.


I could get all of these things separately, so really this would only make sense if the program saved me money. I got in when they were first starting, and I got three years for $667. That’s roughly $222 a year. If I was just to use this service for 10-15 songs a year, then it would easily pay for itself. Since I’m getting the extra services as well, this will easily save me money.

Right now they have only released the music side of the program. The other two parts will be released in the next two months. I’ve messed around with the music a bit, and it seems like there’s a good chunk of variety, and the process is pretty easy. I’m excited to try the other two, and I’ll make sure to right an overall review soon.