September 12, 2017 admin

O’Shay and Louie’s Fayetteville Wedding Video

It’s so crazy to go back through all of these weddings from several years ago. When I look at the videos, I’m reminded of so many fun times I’ve had and that’s the cool thing about wedding videos. They help us remember, just like photos, but in a different way. O’Shay and Louie’s Fayetteville Wedding video was one of the first ones we made when we were getting serious about video. The really cool thing is I knew both of them already from high school.

O’Shay and Louie’s Fayetteville Wedding Video

This was a brand new venue for me, so it was exciting to get to be at Airways in Fayetteville. The ceremony was outside in a large field, and the reception was a mixture of outside and in a giant room.

O'Shay and Louie's Fayetteville Wedding Video

O’Shay is all about doing things big. She wanted her wedding to really be something to remember, and it was definitely a big, crazy party. There was plenty of bling on her dress and her bouquet. Then, she even had a tossing bouquet made of money! So unique! There was plenty of dancing, including a special Smirnoff/Vanilla Ice one, and she had a champagne waterfall for toasts.

Another great thing about the day was that I got to see a lot of people from high school. I didn’t get to talk to all of them because I was working, but I did get to see some people I hadn’t seen in several years.

O’Shay and Louie’s Fayetteville Wedding Video was a blast, and it was also a big start for us with wedding videos. After this one, we knew we could make it in this world, and we kept pushing to do more. So glad we got to be part of it.