January 18, 2018 admin

Peel Mansion Wedding Video: Ashley & Scott

It’s interesting how people can be different in different situations. Often, people will act one way when we first are meeting, but they might be different on the wedding day. This isn’t a bad thing by any means. It’s really quite fun for me. A wedding is a party and people will usually loosen up. Ashley and Scott were pretty reserved when we met in the beginning, but on the wedding day, it was a crazy time, and you can feel it in their Peel Mansion Wedding Video. 

Peel Mansion Wedding Video

The first thing that surprised me was the first look. We met up at the Mildred B. Cooper chapel, and had them do the first look in the long walkway leading up to the chapel. They both had written vows to share, and Ashley was really touched and started to cry. She managed to keep it together, but I really didn’t expect her to tear up like that.

Peel Mansion Wedding Video

The ceremony was beautiful and the pastor did an amazing job, but the next big surprise didn’t come until the reception at the Peel Mansion. It was a beautiful, but hot day, and the majority of the reception was outside. Up the steps was a large porch, and this is where the dancing was. Scott is a quiet guy and reserved, but he really let loose when the dancing started. I was so surprised, but it was also really great to see him having fun with his friends and bride.

I had a great time at Ashley and Scott’s wedding. They had some beautiful decorations, some really emotional moments, and then just lots of fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into it, but all the surprises made it a really special day.