September 22, 2017 admin

Pinnacle Country Club Wedding Video: John & Christi

One really fun thing about revisiting all of these weddings from the past few years is seeing how things have changed. We videoed John and Christi’s Pinnacle Country Club Wedding Video back in June of 2014, but there’s been a major change in their lives recently.

Pinnacle Country Club Wedding Video: John & Christi

I’ve run into John a few times over the years, and he is also been very outgoing and kind. I learned the big news though through a Facebook post. They were looking to adopt a baby! This was so cool to hear. John and Christi are really kind people that are solid Christians. I know that when they do get a baby they will be amazing parents. Anyway, that’s not really related to their wedding video, but I thought I’d share it.


This was a really high class wedding full of emotion. Both John and Christi had been waiting awhile to find the perfect person, and they finally found each other. We were on the golf course for the first look and portraits, so we had a great background. The first look was awesome. They were both just so happy. I also remember Christi was barely able to make it through her vows. She was so emotional. It’s so great to see that kind of emotion and happiness. Everything at the reception was beautiful: the lighting, the table arrangements, and the cakes. Her cake was one of the best ones I’ve seen, but I think I liked John’s better: it was a superhero cake.

I’m so excited to see what the future holds for these two. I’ve only been around them a short time, but I know they are going to be great parents and raise a wonderful child. I’m so glad that I got to be there for their Pinnacle Country Club Wedding Video. It’s a great reminder of where they started.