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Pratt Place Barn Wedding Video: Zack and Angela

It’s always interesting to look back at events in your past and then see how that event affected everything. I’ve had lots of chance encounters that have led to extraordinary things. Meeting Angela was one of those events. When I started teaching at Woodland, I just happened to share a room with her. I soon found out that I knew her brother and that her father knew my father and uncle from high school. We developed a friendship over the years, and then in 2014 I was privileged to photographer her wedding and help with her Pratt Place Barn Wedding Video. 

Pratt Place Barn Wedding Video: Zack and Angela

All brides pray for beautiful weather for their wedding day, but Angela wasn’t that lucky. It rained a few days before her wedding and it was sprinkling the day of. Initially, she had planned an outdoor ceremony, so at the last minute, they had to switch things and do it indoors. It was still a beautiful ceremony and the reception was already going to be inside so that didn’t change. After the ceremony, it stopped raining, so we were able to do some things outside.

Pratt Place Barn Wedding Video

At this point in our video career, we weren’t capable of shooting photo and video for the entire day. For Angela’s wedding, we had one of her former students do some footage, but it was really just the ceremony. I was still happy to be able to do that for her, though.

This was a fun start to my relationship with Angela. Before everything was school based, but over the years, we’ve switched more to the wedding world. Since her wedding, I have photographed her brother’s wedding and her aunt’s. Angela has also become a wedding coordinator, so we’ve had plenty of opportunities to work together, including Liz and Alex’s wedding.

I loved being able to create this Pratt Place Barn Wedding Video for Zack and Angela. It was a blast, and a great start to our new relationship. I will be doing more work with her in the future, and I always know it will be perfect.