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The Ravington Wedding Film: Roberto and Morgan

I consider it an honor to be hired for any wedding, but I feel it’s even a bigger honor to be hired by another photographer or videographer. That was the case with Roberto and Morgan’s Ravington Wedding Film. They had initially talked to me about doing the photography and videography, but in the end, we shot the video. I was fine with either way, just to be considered was a big pat on the back.

The Ravington Wedding Film: Roberto and Morgan

This wedding film was a bit different than our normal one. Normally we are around for several hours and capture the whole day, but for this one, we shot a little bit before and mainly the ceremony. I still love what we were able to get in that window.

Beforehand we were all hanging out at the Ravington. There were a lot of fun things going on. The guys decided to play a little game with Roberto. They asked him questions that Morgan had already answered, and he had to guess what she said. If he missed it, he had to stick a marshmallow in his mouth. Now, these weren’t your little tiny hot chocolate marshmallows; these were the giant fire-roasting ones. Roberto did pretty well, but after a few questions, his mouth was full and no one could understand him.

The girls, on the other hand, were much more mellow. They were hanging out in the beautiful Ravington bridal suite. They all had these matching plaid shirts on before they got dressed. Then Morgan got into her dress and it was awesome. We got some lovely shots of her in the window sill.

The lovely couple also did something very sweet. They each got something for the other. Roberto wrote Morgan a letter and gave her a pair of sunglasses and Morgan created this cool scrapbook with pictures and descriptions. I love when couples do something special like that.

Ravington Wedding Film

We then raced off to the Mildred B. Cooper Chapel for the ceremony. They didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, so instead, they held hands around the edge of the door to the chapel. One thing they did that I thought was neat was they started Morgan’s walk way back. They opened the doors and you could see her walking for a good 30 seconds. During the ceremony they also built a unity cross and had their friends surround them and pray. All very cool.

Our day ended with them exiting the chapel, but we still were able to make a really cool film for them. Take a look at their Ravington Wedding Film and see what you think.