September 7, 2016 admin

Red Giant Products for Video Editing

All of my formal training and most of my self education has been aimed at photography. It’s what I have been doing the longest, and it is still my main goal. With that, I’ve learned a lot of tricks with editing, and I’m capable of fixing most things in Photoshop. On the other hand, I haven’t really learned as much on the video editing side. I learned some basic things here and there, and I was pretty happy with my videos, but I would still run into problems. I bought some products from Red Giant a few years ago, but I never got around to using them. Recently I decided to learn how to use Red Giant products for video editing.

Red Giant Products for Video Editing

After watching a few tutorials online, I’ve been able to really start to learn these products and they are making a difference. The product that I have been using the longest is PluralEyes3. PluralEyes3 automatically aligns video clips with audio. This has saved me so much time and headaches. All I have to do is toss the files and audio into the program and it aligns everything and outputs to Adobe Premiere. The next program that I’ve used the most is Colorista II. I use this program for color correction and exposure. This is really what I’ve had the most issue with. All my other ways haven’t really worked. All I’ve really had to is use the eyedropper tool and it adjusts everything for me. There are a ton more options, but I haven’t really tried to explore them yet.

Red Giant Products for Video Editing Colorista II

Colorista II is open on the left side. You can see the color wheels for making adjustments

There are a few other products that came with the suite, but I haven’t used them much. Cosmo automatically smooths out skin and makes people look better, Mojo applies a hollywood affect that can be adjusted, Denoiser II for reducing noise, and Magic Bullet Looks is used to make a ton of different adjustments and seems to have the most overall use.

Red Giant Products for Video Editing Magic Bullet Looks

These are just a few of the options with Magic Bullet Looks

I’ve only been really using Red Giant Products for Video Editing for about a month now, but I have to say, I like it. I’m going to keep exploring the possibilities because as I’ve seen, the more I educate myself, the better I get, and I want to create the best videos out there.