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Rogers Wedding Film: Courtney and Stephen

People either love surprises or they hate them. Usually with weddings surprises aren’t a great thing. Most weddings will have a wedding coordinator there just to make sure everything goes according to plan and there are no surprises. Well, not all wedding surprises are bad. There were several surprises in Courtney and Stephen’s Rogers wedding film, and I really think it added to the day and made it something special. 

Rogers Wedding Film: Courtney and Stephen

The beginning of the day was pretty smooth. Everyone got ready and was having a good time. The guys were upstairs playing games and the girls were doing all of their makeup. The first surprise came during the ceremony.

Courtney and Stephen had a unity candle, and when they moved over to it, Courtney’s shoe came off. She wasn’t sure what to do, so she just kept going with everything. When they were done with the candle, the pastor took charge. He picked up the shoe, and instead of it being a bad surprise, he turned it into something beautiful. He compared the situation to Cinderella, and Stephen even got down to put the shoe on his bride.

Rogers wedding film

The next surprise came at the reception. Right when we got there, Courtney’s father gave a little speech. He talked about the day and all the normal stuff, but then he spun it and started praising his wife. It was a beautiful moment.

The last surprise was later in the night. We had already done all the big events, and people were just dancing and hanging out. The DJ stopped everything, got everyone to the dance floor, and did something special. Everyone got their phones out and lit the dance floor with the built in flashlight. Then, the couple and their parents danced in the middle of it all. It looked really cool, and it was something I’d never seen before.

Surprises can be scary, but they also can be something extremely special. Courtney and Stephen’s Rogers wedding film would have been good without the surprises, but the surprises are what made it special and really unique.