September 25, 2017 admin

Rogers Wedding Video: Lauren and Mitch

There are some videographers out there that work mainly with celebrities. I’ve never really had an interest in that, but I did get to work with someone that is kind of famous. Mitch was the center for the Arkansas Razorbacks. He’s a very quiet and humble person, so I don’t imagine he would like the attention, but it’s still cool to me. He’s a really funny guy and Lauren is a sweet girl, and we loved making their Rogers Wedding Video.

Rogers Wedding Video: Lauren and Mitch

This was another wedding where everything took place in one location (Fellowship Church in Rogers), so it was pretty easy for us. This was a really emotional ceremony. Lauren and her dad were both pretty emotional on that walk. There was also a part where the whole congregation held their hands out over them. That was something I’d never seen before, and it was really special.

Rogers Wedding Video

The reception continued to be emotional. Lauren’s dad gave a heartfelt speech, and at some point during another speech, I caught Mitch wiping a tear away. There was a lot of love in that room. They also did something where they passed around shoes to raise money for the couple.

There wasn’t a bunch of dancing or partying or anything like that, but Mitch and Lauren’s Rogers Wedding Video was a bunch of fun. The guys and the girls were just a blast to be around, and then it was great being a part of such an emotional and love filled event.