October 19, 2016 admin

Rokinon 135mm f2 for Video

When we are shooting wedding ceremonies, we will usually have 4 cameras going at once. One of these is shooting down the aisle, one is roaming getting different detail shots, and two are on the side. Besides that being a lot of bodies, it’s really a lot of lenses to have. We never know how close our side shots will be, so we have to own a variety of lengths to cover it. For the past few years, we’ve been using some older, cheaper lenses to get the job done. They’ve worked well, but they aren’t the best option out there. I just recently bought a new lens, and now I’m using the Rokinon 135mm f2 for video.

Rokinon 135mm f2 for Video

Rokinon has been in the lens game for a while now, and they have quickly become a high quality, cheaper option for people. I’ve stayed away from them in the past for a few different reasons, but all the good reviews out there finally got me to go get one.

I decided to start out with the Rokinon 135mm for a few reasons. One, our side shots are usually further away, so we usually need a long lens for it. I own some cheaper long lenses, but I just didn’t like the quality of image I was getting. I also already own some good medium lenses, so I didn’t think I needed to replace those.

Build Quality

This is a heavy duty lens. When you pick it up, you can feel it. It feels like a solid piece of metal. It should be able to take some abuse and still keep up. The aperture ring rotates easily and you can feel a definite click in between each stop. This is good because the aperture ring is the only way to adjust the aperture. The glass is big and thick, like the best professional lenses out there. Overall, it looks and feels like a winner.


Performance is what matters in the end. Like I said earlier, this lens is heavy, so be prepared to use it on a tripod. I don’t think there’s any real way to use it for video by hand or even on a monopod and get smooth video. It’s a manual focus lens only, so that might scare a small portion of people, but if you’re doing video with a DSLR, you pretty much expect to be manually focusing. The focus ring is tighter than what I am use to with my Nikon lenses. It still works fine, but it might take you longer to get to the right spot. The lens is sharp, and I love the image quality that I’m getting with it.

Rokinon 135mm F2 for video vertical view of Rokinon 135mm View of the glass of Rokinon 135mm

Overall Feelings

Overall I’m really happy with my purchase, and I’m excited to use the Rokinon 135mm for video in the future. The lens is really cheap compared to the big brand version. The Nikon version is around $1000, but I got my Rokinon version used for around $300 I believe. I honestly believe the end results will be very close to what I would get from the more expensive lens. Now that I’ve finally got into the Rokinon world, I will probably be buying more of their lenses to supplement what I currently have.