October 6, 2016 admin

Souls Harbor Promotional Video

Now that I’m not teaching, I’ve had more time to expand and look for new projects. One thing I’ve been doing more is charity events. I’ve been reaching out to organizations and trying to get involved. One group that I’ve been working with a lot lately is Souls Harbor. They are a men’s transitional home in Rogers. They help me with addictions get themselves together and get back out into the world. In the past two months, I’ve done photos for a brochure and photos at their gala, but one really cool thing we did is a Souls Harbor Promotional Video.

Souls Harbor Promotional Video

Souls Harbor had a promotional video on their website, but it was kind of outdated. The men can stay for up to a year, but then new people come in. We thought it would be good to capture some of the newer stories.

I shot the video on two different occasions. The first was for interviews. We had 5 guys that agreed to talk to me. I basically asked them about their past, and let them tell their story. There were a wide variety of backgrounds and situations, and it was extremely interesting to listen to. A few weeks later I came back to get footage of the men working and interacting. They are involved in a lot of things such as playing with their kids, working the garden, selling the produce at the market, talking to counselors, and having meetings.

For the video, I mixed the interviews and footage together. I basically had a little bit of video from the interview, but I mainly used the audio from it to narrate the other video. We were aiming to make it short, so I wasn’t able to put everything they said in there. In the future, I think I might make individual videos for each person, and get their whole story out there.

souls harbor promo from Bryan Striegler on Vimeo.

This group has really grown on me, and I’m glad I could make a Souls Harbor Promotional Video. In the future, I’m going to keep finding ways to help out and be a part of their program. They are changing lives and making the world better, and I love that.